Friday, 11 September 2009

Go, Bob!

Last night I went to the Luminaire in Kilburn to see Bob Lind entertain a small but appreciative audience. Very good he was too.

Having only previously heard his early albums most of the songs he played were new to me, but he clearly has lost the knack of knocking out a good tune. He also did a cover of Tom Paxton's "Bottle of Wine" where he slowed it right down and revealed the darkness in the lyrics. Having been raised on Tom since I was a baby I'm a big fan of his, but have never particularly cared for "Bottle of Wine" - Bob has changed my mind on that.

Here are a couple of songs from the old days:

From "Don't Be Concerned" (1966): "Truly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There) "

From "Since There Were Circles" (1971): "Spilling Over"

And as a special treat, why not catch the John Otway/ Wild Willy Barrett rendition of Bob's "Cheryl's Going Home" (embedding disabled by request and all that so you'll need to do an extra click but believe me it is worth it even if just for the inept speaker jumping at 3:45).

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