Thursday, 17 September 2009

Return of Tsonga Disco

This time next week I will be landing in Cape Town for a 10 day holiday. Most of the time I will be tucked away in the lovely fishing village of Arniston with members of the extended Goggins family, but I hope to get the chance to visit the record stores of Cape Town while I'm there. My main task will be to replenish my limited stock of Tsonga Disco albums so that I can return to my self appointed mission with renewed vigour.

In the meantime here are a couple of examples of Tsonga Disco from the mighty Joe Shirimani. I posted both of these in the early days of the blog but only the most loyal readers will remember that and I'm sure you'll both forgive me for repeating myself. So here are "Basani" and "Limpopo".

I have also posted the video for "Basani" before but it is well worth another look.

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