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Thursday 10 September 2009

Soul Brothers

The Soul Brothers are one of the stalwarts of the South African soul and mbaqanga scene. They made their first records in 1976 and, despite various trials and tribulations along the way, are still going strong.

They mainly record in Zulu but in the very early days released a few singles in English which were then brought together on the 1977 album "I Feel So Lonely Without You". From that album, here are "Take Me Home Taximan" and "You Are Funny".

"I Feel So Lonely Without You" and many other Soul Brothers albums are available from the One World Cyber Music Store. As mentioned here before if ordering from the UK the postage is not cheap but the CDs are (usually between £3-7 at current exchange rates) so it all balances out.

Here are the lads in action a bit more recently:

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