Saturday, 19 September 2009

Jimmy Jimmy

There is a stall in Whitechapel Road that sells bootleg Indian and Bengali CDs for £2 a go. While passing by the other day I bought one called "Hilux Hot & Hits Old Remix Vol. 4".

It seems to be a sort of cross between a Bollywood equivalent of the Top of the Pops albums you used to get in the 1970s (where session musicians would attempt to recreate the hits of the day) and what I understand the young people call "mash ups". The mystery artists behind the album have taken hits from different Bollywood movies and gone to work on them.

One song to have attracted their attention is "Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja" from 1982's "Disco Dancer". This is the song that was remade as "Jimmy" by M.I.A. and the tune has apparently also been nicked by Ottowan and Devo in its time. Here are the original and the mash up:

"Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja" - Parvati Khan

"Jimmy Jimmy" - from "Hilux Hot & Hits Old Remix Vol. 4"

Personally I think the Hilux Massive have massacred what is a pretty decent tune, but then what do I know. They make a rather better job of "Pehli Pehli Baar" from 1999's "Sirf Tum". Watch out for the intro to "Human Nature" that suddenly appears about one minute in.

I have never seen "Disco Dancer" but judging by the plot summary and quotes on Wikipedia it is a bit of a cracker. I particularly like the line "He's got guitar phobia. A guitar killed his mother." Here is the clip from film:

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