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Sunday 20 September 2009

Hurts So Often

Here are four versions of "It Hurts So Good" for you. In order they are: the first version to be released from 1971; the US hit version from 1973; the reggae version that was a top 10 hit in the UK in 1975; and a demo version by the man who wrote it that was finally released in 2005 on "Pick Hit Of The Week", a collection of some of his previously unreleased recordings from the early 1970s.

"It Hurts So Good" - Katie Love

"Hurts So Good" - Millie Jackson

"Hurt So Good" - Susan Cadogan

"It Hurts So Good" - Prince Phillip Mitchell

I don't think I have a favourite - all four versions are excellent and sufficiently different from each other to set themselves apart.

Here is a clip of Susan Cadogan. Top hair.

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