Tuesday, 22 September 2009

South African Six Pack

This will be the last post for a couple of weeks as I am off to South Africa on holiday tomorrow. To get me in the mood, and to tide you over until I get back, here are six tunes from South Africa. There is hopefully a little something for everyone - some soulful 1960s psychedelia, some 1970s pop, some reggae, some Tsonga Disco, some jazz-tinged Xhosa traditional sounds and an Afrikaans troubadour. You'll need to work out for yourselves which is which (although the name Rastaman Nkhushu probably gives you a clue as to which is the reggae track).

"Umendo" - Stompie Mavi

Blue Colour" - The Flames

Johannesburg" - The Julian Laxton Band

Changana" - Madlaks

'n Brief Vir Simone" - Anton Goosen

Moshito Ke Was Kucheku" - Rastaman Nkhushu

When I get back I will be taking the links for July down, so if you are at a loose end you might want to stroll through them - there is more South African stuff, delights from various parts of Eastern Europe and lots of folkies.I'll leave you with a lovely clip of the late lamented Stompie Mavi and friends. Have fun and I'll see you in October.

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