Sunday, 6 September 2009

Warning - New Music

I woke up this morning to the slightly alarming news that Ali Bongo is now running Gabon. That is a big step up from being President of the Magic Circle. I only hope he is up to the job.

A nice man called Terry has very kindly sent me an advance copy of "Rocket", the new album by the Darling New Neighbors which will be generally available from 15 October. The band are a three-piece from Austin, Texas - which I suppose means we have to forgive the lack of a "u" in "neighbours" - and more details are available from their website.

On first listen I was struck by the range of styles - some more my cup of tea than others - so there probably something for everyone and overall it sounded pretty good. There are ten originals plus a sort of accordion-based ska version of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", which works better than it ought to when you see it written down.

I don't know whether Neil is an influence, but a few tracks feature Crazy Horse style chiming guitars. This works particularly well on "Indian Mounds", which for me was the track that immediately stood out. I see from Hype Machine that it has already been posted on a couple of other blogs including Blouse, so you might want to check them out.

Elizabeth Jackson is the lead singer but a couple of tracks feature the drummer, Reid Faist. One of these was the other track that I most enjoyed on first listen and is just right for Sunday morning. So here are Darling New Neighbors with "Pining".

Some people get on better with their neighbours than others:


  1. from darling new neighbors: MAN we are diggin on this tippa irie thing. i am gonna work on covering it-- will get back to you w/ that. i am only halfway joking-- b/c i am halfway NOT! thanks ernie!

  2. I look forward to hearing that. Do you think you'll be able to master the complex dancing routine as well?