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Thursday 5 March 2020

Emperor Roscoe

We're overdue some Southern soul on here, so let's put it right with the mighty Mr Roscoe Robinson, 92 years old and still going strong.

So strong that he made a new record to mark his 90th birthday in 2018 which you can listen to at this link while reading his biography. On "We Got A Good Thing Going" he sounds like a man half his age.

But before you go and do that, here are a couple of oldies from 1969 and 1971 respectively.

"I'm Burning And Yearning (For You)" - Roscoe Robinson

"Let Me Be Myself" - Roscoe Robinson 

And here he is as a mere stripling of 84.


  1. Emperor Rosko's still on the go too - but - aged 77 - a mere stripling.

    1. You are surely far too young to have got that reference

    2. I remember Rosko playing a great song about Lenny Bruce on his Saturday lunchtime (I think it was) show. Never heard it since but I remember part of one verse which went: "But he's almost in jail cos his name's Lenny Bruce. He gets up on stage and he talks of conditions and what do you know now, everyone listens". The other verses ended with the words "Nobody listens". Made a big impression on me at the time, but I could never find out anything more
      about the song.

    3. This one?:

    4. Damn! That's the one. Strange, listening to it now 55 years on. I knew about Shawn Phillips but nothing about his songs.

      Thank you for that.

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