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Sunday 15 March 2020

Harp Tunes

A rare burst of newness for you today, folks.

I was recently contacted by a Glasgow-based Danish songwriter and composer known as Asthmatic Harp. She thought I might like her new single, "Bird of Paradise", which comes out officially on 18 March.

She was right. I like it very much, and I think many of you will too. There is a very nice arrangement which enhances both her voice and the song, and I particularly like the clarinet parts by Heather Ryall - worthy of Mr Acker Bilk himself.

I strongly encourage you to have a listen now, and then go straight over to her website to place your orders and to check out her earlier releases.

Asthmatic (we are now on first name terms) tells me she is a big fan of This is The Kit, as are all right-minded people, and you can hear certain similarities in their styles. Apparently the reason she got in touch was because she had come across a video that I had posted on YouTube eight years ago of Kate Stables and friend performing in a tiny and nearly empty venue near me.

Here is that video, and as a bonus one of Asthmatic Harp's as well.

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