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Saturday 21 March 2020

Nearly Brilliant

I wasn't expecting to talk to you today. I was meant to be off on my travels for the next couple of weeks but, you know, stuff. However, any disappointment is tempered by the knowledge that I can spend more time with you lovely, lovely people.

Speaking of lovely people, I have a mate whose surname is Perfect. It creates a certain level of expectation when he is being introduced to someone for the first time that may not always be met (as groovy as he is). If he changed it Nearly-Perfect that might reduce the pressure to perform, as well as being 100% factually accurate.

Which brings us to today's guest artist, someone who is very nearly brilliant - just an "I" away in fact. It's Ekambi Brillant from Cameroon, with a couple of fantastic tracks from a compilation album of his work called "African Funk Experimentals 1975-82".

"Lambo Lena" - Ekambi Brillant

"Massoma (Remerciements)" - Ekambi Brillant

And while we are on the subject of brilliant, we should pay our respects to the late, great Kenny Rogers who sadly left us yesterday. RIP Kenny.

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