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Tuesday 3 March 2020

The Long Goodbye: Part 4

Before we get to Part 4 in our series featuring the music of all 27 EU Member States, a quick appeal. Part 5 is going to be Cyprus, and I'm really struggling for material. I have found a couple of decent current bands, but apart from that just some identikit Eurovision numbers. If any of you lovely people out there can help, please get in touch.

On with Part 4: Croatia. A top notch country and one I have been lucky enough to visit regularly over the last few years for work, which has enabled me to acquire a reasonable sized collection of local music.

By contrast, my only live music experience in Croatia was many years ago while holidaying in Rovinj, where I somehow got entangled with a Bavarian oompah band consisting of a rhythm section and six tubas. It was something to behold.

If you manage to visit Rovinj without the oompah band, though, it's great. As are Dubrovnik, Zagreb and many other places. On behalf of the Croatian Tourist Board, this is 27 Leggies saying: Posjetite danas prekrasnu Hrvatsku!

"Chase" - The Bambi Molesters

"Po Prvi Put" - Josipa Lisac

"Apokalipso" - Darko Rundek

"Legenda" - Dorian Gray

"Pjesma #3" - Time


  1. Does George Michael count as Cypriot because his father was born there?

    1. Technically maybe, but I've ruled him out as the aim of the series is to introduce my dear readers to European delights that they may not be familiar with. The same goes for Cat Stevens and the drummer from Modern Romance (although there are other reasons in his case).

  2. There is a 120 track Antologija by Josepa Lisac available for £9.99. I am very tempted to invest/squander some of my birthday money on it.

    1. If it is her 1970s/ early 1980s stuff then I think that would be a good buy. Less familiar with her more recent records, but she is still capable of causing a stir: