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Thursday 19 March 2020

Happy Days

Well its worth a try, isn't it?

"Happy Day From Me To You" - Sir Victor Uwaifo

"Happy Beat" - Joe Mensah

"The Happy Song" - The Twinkle Brothers

If that doesn't do the trick, something else you could do to try to cheer yourself up is to tune in to some of the live streamed online concerts that musicians are putting on to compensate for cancelled live gigs. It doesn't match the real live experience - you will actually be able to see and hear them properly, and where's the fun in that? - but on the other hand its a chance to see some acts that might not otherwise have been round your way any time soon.

There are a couple of online gigs this weekend that I will be watching by folks we've featured here before: Dori Freeman on Saturday and Asthmatic Harp on Sunday. Click on their names to get the details, and remember to pay an entrance fee.

And if even that doesn't cheer you up, there is always Gilbert.


  1. Willie Nelson‘s Luck Reunion is being streamed online for free later today (Thurs March 19th).

    Artists will now stream their individual performances live from their homes, which will be incorporated into the online broadcast. The artist roster includes those who were scheduled to perform this year, as well as past participants — including Randy Houser, Jewel, Margo Price and Jeremy Ivey — plus Willie’s sons Lukas and Micah Nelson, and the legend himself.

    The concert will stream on the Luck Reunion’s Facebook page free of charge on Thursday beginning at 7 p.m. ET. There will be a digital tip jar available during the virtual concert if fans would like to donate money, and the proceeds will be evenly divided between the performers.

    1. Thanks to the tip off, FBCB, I'll definitely be tuning in in to that. I'll keep posting information about other online gigs as I get it.

  2. Gilbert o'Sullivan has certainly not cheered me up.

  3. Joe Mensah didn't sound terribly overjoyed singing about a Happy Beat. Downright miserable, in fact