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Monday 20 June 2022

Bargain Hunt

I was browsing on Bandcamp the other day and came across a bargain which I thought I should alert you all to as a public service.

Strand of Oaks (or Timothy Showalter as he is known to his Mum) is one of those artists whose music I like when I happen to hear it but who I have never got round to digging into more deeply. I have a copy of his 2019 album "Eraserland", but that was it.

But no more. On his Bandcamp page you can find the official version of his 2010 album "Pope Kildragon" (for $7.99) and the demos for the album (for whatever you want to pay). I opted for the demos, and all I can say is if the rough and ready version of the album is this good then I'm going to have to buy the real thing.

On the subject of bargains, last week Mister F and I managed to wangle a couple of free tickets to see this up and coming beat combo. I don't know much about them but I liked what I heard. I think they might do well.

"Last To Swim (Demo)" - Strand of Oaks

"Daniel's Blues (Demo)" - Strand of Oaks

"Death Disco (12" Mix)" - Public Image Limited

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  1. I've never heard of Strand Of Oaks but I like what I hear. Thanks for the heads up, Ernie.

    As for the other new kids on the block (?) that you've featured, this immediately sprang to mind: