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Monday 6 June 2022


Today's post is especially for the prog fans among our readers (or George as he is better known). It also gives me an opportunity to show off about my celebrity connections.

Twin brothers Colin and Stewart Goldring formed Gnidrolog in 1969 (the name is an anagram of Goldring with an extra O), with Stewart on guitar and Colin on vocals and sax. They made a couple of albums then broke up in the early/mid 1970s. 

Fast forward to 1981 - enabling us to speed past the twins' time as Pork Dukes about which the least said the better - and Colin G enrolled as a mature student at the University of Essex.  I arrived at the same time and got to know Colin reasonably well. He had his funny little ways but was nice enough.  

Here are a couple of tracks from Gnidrolog's second album "Lady Lake" (1972), both written and sung by Colin.

"Ship" - Gnidrolog

"I Could Never Be A Soldier" - Gnidrolog

Other notable members of the 1981 Essex University intake included a woman who presented the occasional item on The Clothes Show in the early 1990s and an eccentric who became an respected Arctic explorer. Other notable members of Gnidrolog included Nigel Pegrum, the future drummer with Steeleye Span.


  1. Prog-tastic, and just what I need before starting work.Third Ear Band next week? Beggar's Opera?

    1. I am someone who thinks the Incredible String Band were the single greatest band in human history, but even I draw the line at the Third Ear Band. Don't think I have any Beggars Opera but I could do you some Comus.

    2. To CC, yes work, paid employment!

  2. I forgot to add what a splendid aural experience those 18 minutes were.

  3. Remember the hippies at school having a fondness for this band