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Wednesday 15 June 2022

One Excited Ernie

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted that I have a new profile photo. Some of you may also think the gentleman in the photo and his distinctive haircut look familiar. That could be because for many years I used an earlier photo of him for my profile (before a recent short-lived dalliance with Carlos Fonseca, founder of the Sandinistas). 

The gent in question is Penny Penny, undisputed King of Tsonga Disco (well it is disputed by some, but not me). Why has he reappeared here? Well, because he has reappeared in real life! It has just been announced that he coming to London to play the Jazz Cafe on 6 August. I have my ticket and I am VERY EXCITED.

Papa Penny and his old producer Joe Shirimani are partly responsible for me being here. Way back when I started there was this quaint idea that bloggers, like politicians, should be motivated by a sense of purpose and not just a desire for attention. Many bloggers still are, politicians not so much.

Having recently discovered and fallen heavily for Tsonga Disco, not least due to Penny Penny, I gave myself the rather grand mission of bringing it to the masses. I was diligent to start with but over time as my sources dried up and my enthusiasms moved on I abandoned my mission, to my great shame.

In honour of Penny Penny's impending arrival we'll be going back to our roots for a while. Expect to see one Tsonga Disco post a week between now and early August, starting with the Great Man himself.

"Good Morning Papa Penny" - Penny Penny

"Hina Hivanu" - Penny Penny

"Makantia Jive" - Penny Penny


  1. Yes, but unlike a politician, you provide a valuable service. These are, as always, uniformly excellent. Thank you!

  2. Superb selection there, Ernie!