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Wednesday 29 June 2022

Peta's Picks

This week's blast from the past Tsonga Disco sounds come from the late, great Peta Teanet. 

Peta was both King of the Hill and Cock of the Walk on the Tsonga (also known as Shangaan) scene from his arrival in the late 1980s until his tragically early death in 1996, shot by a policeman during an argument. He was only 30.

Peta spiced up his disco with a bit of the bubblegum pop that was so popular in South Africa at the time, which perhaps gave him a bit more crossover appeal than some of his contemporaries, but did so without sacrificing the sheer Shangaanosity of his sound (that is a real word, I looked it up).

"Xizambani" - Peta Teanet

"Majambuza" - Peta Teanet 

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