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Wednesday 1 June 2022

Tuareg Tipoff

I have mentioned a few times on here that every Bandcamp Friday the excellent Sahel Sounds label makes everything in its back catalogue available on a name your own price basis. Normally I mention it after the event so you may have forgotten by the time it next comes around, so this time I thought I would mention it in advance.

Everything is worth checking out but today I will direct you particularly to "Tumastin", the 2016 album by Amanar de Kidal, a desert blues band based in Kidal in Northern Mali. Their earlier album "Alghafiat" and the solo album by their main man Ahmed Al Kaedy are also worth nabbing while you are there.  

So that's this Friday sorted then.

"Dounia Tade" - Amanar de Kidal

"Agna" - Amanar de Kidal

Philosophical question: is a Tuareg Tipoff like a Teenage Warning?


  1. If I can remember that far back I will be on it on Friday

    1. If your mind is as orderly as your music catalogue I'm sure you'll have no trouble

  2. These two tunes are very good. Like Charity Chic, I'm hoping that I can retain the info in my noggin until Friday.