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Friday 17 June 2022

I Paid What I Wanted

A couple of weeks ago we featured tracks from "Pay What You Want Vol. 2", a compilation album put together by the Akuphone label. You will have deduced from the title that there is a Vol 1, and I suspect it may not come as a complete shock when I tell you there is also a Vol. 3.

The three volumes are all available from the Akuphone Bandcamp page along with records by many of the featured artists. Not everything on the compilations is going to be to everyone's taste - and there are a few tracks that frankly I doubt are to anyone's taste - but there are plenty of goodies as well. 

Here is a track apiece from Volumes 1 and 3. We have some 1980s pop from Laos followed by a German producer's reworking of Sumatran folk music. Well, come on, what else was it going to be?

"Lam Seung Bang Fai (Shelter's Edit) " - Sothy

"Soumatra" - Çaykh

Here's some more music from Laos and another German who is famous for reworking his source material. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. That intro by the James Last Orchestra put me in mind of Fox On The Run. So of course I am now going to youtube to search for it