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Monday 13 June 2022

Newness Abounds

It is time for one of our occasional round-ups of new releases, and we are bringing them to you through the exciting new medium of video. As always, many thanks to the lovely people in Promoland for alerting me to these albums.

We have four acts for you today, only one of whom I was previously familiar with although all of them have released other records before these ones. More fool me for not cottoning on to the others sooner.

The one I know is Jack M. Senff whose 2019 album "Good To Know You" was a big hit in the Goggins household. His new album "Low Spirit" came out at the beginning of June and if anything is even better. There is a bit of a Josh Rouse vibe to Jack's music which can't be a bad thing. 

Both albums can be found on Jack's Bandcamp page, along with some other goodies. This mp3 is from "Good To Know You", the video is from "Low Spirit".

"Watershed" - Jack M. Senff

Next up is Lindsay Clark, someone who has been making folk-influenced records for well over a decade. Her new album "Carpe Noctem" comes out on 24 June and very good it is too. You can pre-order it from her Bandcamp page where you can also find four earlier albums which I will certainly be checking out.

Moving on. Ben Talmi's "Berkshires" album came out in May and is a song set inspired by his experiences growing up in Berkshire County. I assume that is the one in Massachusetts not the one in England as the tales are too entertaining to have happened in Slough. 

You can find "Berkshires" on Spotify and other streaming services and you can download it from the tax dodgers and possibly others. It is not on Ben's Bandcamp page but lots of other things are so listen to them before heading off to find "Berkshires". 

Rounding things off we have "Don't Wait For A Sign" by Jeanines which came out all the way back in April. Once again you can find this album and older material on their Bandcamp page. 

The person who wrote the blurb that came with the album claimed to hear traces of Fairport and Vashti Bunyan which I don't get at all. Its good old-fashioned homemade pop of the sort made by The Chefs and Dolly Mixture - and all the better for it. 


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