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Wednesday 22 June 2022

From Penny To Benny

Welcome to the second in our brief series reviving this blog's original mission to bring Tsonga Disco to the masses.

But first a public service announcement. My celebrity pal Ruth from Kill The Sirens has alerted me to the fact that they are playing at an all-dayer at the Dublin Castle in Camden (or Cmdn as it is apparently now called) this Sunday. Details are on the flyer below. 

14 bands for £10 is a bargain however you look at it. Unfortunately I can't make it but if you're free you should pop along and let me know how it goes. Kill The Sirens are due on about 5.45pm.

Now back to the disco. Last time out we featured the great king Penny Penny, who will be performing in London in early August. I will be there and tickets are still available. 

This time round it is Benny Mayengani, who burst onto the scene with "Tiba Ben" in 2011 and has been a leading light in the Tsonga scene ever since. 

He can be a bit of a bumptious Benny by all accounts but he knows how to bang out a tune, as these selections from 2016's intriguingly named "Vitanani Fire Brigade" album demonstrate. 

"Go Benny Go" - Benny Mayengani (featuring Prince Rhangani)

"Maphalle" - Benny Mayengani

All together now: "Vitanani Fire Brigade, get the fire brigade, see the buildings start to really burn".

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