Friday, 2 October 2009

Greetings From Cape Town

Ernie Goggins here in sunny Cape Town. No music for you today - that will resume after I get back to London on Sunday - but a bit of advance notice of some treats to come over the next few weeks for fans of South African music. This has been a very productive trip. As well as the ever reliable African Music Store in Long Street the chain stores such as Musica are finally beginning to stock a good selection of local traditional and traditionally influenced music, much of it at bargain prices.

On the Tsonga side we have more from old favourites Joe Shirimani and Thomas Chauke plus CDs from Penny Penny and General Muzka (together and separately), Peta Teanet and the marvellously named Loaf Boy.

Among the rest of the stuff are other old favourites such as the Soul Brothers and Stompie Mavi plus the likes of Zozo & Super Sangere Beat, Johnny Mokhale and "The Unforgettable Paul Ndlovu" (who I must admit I had forgotten). Also one of the greatest South African psychedelic concept albums ever made, and a double CD of Afrikaans pop hits acquired it a hardware store in Bredasdorp.

Stay tuned.

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