Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A Load of Kakaki

Yesterday I mentioned that swathes of Swedes had visited this site shortly after I insulted one of their eminent musicians. This has given me a cunning plan.

My friend Mr Jackson has set me a challenge, which is to get a visitor from Chad. He seems to consider this to be the Holy Grail of blogging, and won't concede that 27 Leggies has any merit at all until someone from N'Djamena, Moundou or Mongo comes calling.

He is fairly confident this will never happen. But having worked out how to lure people in, I reckon all I have to do is set the trap then sit back and wait. So - with thanks to Wikipedia - here goes:

"The music of Chad is uniformly awful. I can hardly bear to listen to them plucking tunelessly on the hu hu, blowing tonelessly on the kakaki and banging away on the balafon. Ahmad Pecos and Clement Masdongar are a disgrace to music, while International Challal are an international travesty. And don't get me started on the drum and zither music of the Baguirmians...

If the Chadians want to learn how to make music I suggest they nip over the south-western border into Nigeria and keep going for 500 miles or so until they reach the town of Jos. There are a lot of funky people there, as this little gem from 1976 demonstrates".

"Take Your Soul" - The Sahara All Stars Of Jos

That should do it!

P.S. I found on YouTube this video by Chadian musician Ingamadji Mujos. Don't tell them I said this but it is a good tune.

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