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Tuesday 13 October 2009

Won't You Come Out Tonight?

Today we have a couple of - rather different but equally jolly - covers of the traditional American tune, "Buffalo Gals".

The first by Eliza Gilkyson updates the lyrics a bit but retains the name and is generally fairly true to the original. It is available on her compilation CD "Retro Specto". The second is a doo-wop remake by the Olympics from the 1960 album "The Olympics Meet The Marathons".

"Buffalo Gals" - Eliza Gilkyson

"Dance By The Light Of The Moon" - The Olympics

To complete the set I should really have added the clip for Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals" but I have never much cared for it - as my late grandmother might have said it is all just bang bang bang. So instead here is something of a similar style and vintage that at least has a bit of a tune.

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