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Thursday 29 October 2009

Return Of The Thad

No, this isn't an attempt to lure someone from Chad in through the power of rhyme. It is a long overdue "welcome back" to one of my favourite singers of recent years, Thad Cockrell. He has a lovely pure voice, reminiscent at times of Roy Orbison (which is about as good as it gets), and - judging by a brief conversation with him after he played at The Borderline a few years back - he is an absolutely charming chap as well.

Thad's new album "To Be Loved" came out earlier this month. It is his first solo album for six years and his first album of any sort for four years - the last being "Begonias", his album of duets with Caitlin Cary. Some of the tracks on the new album were originally issued as an EP last year and two of them in particular - "Great Rejoicing" and "Pride (Won't Get Us Where We're Going)" - are as good as anything he has done. I have only listened to the completely new tracks once but most of them sound pretty good too.

Here is one from the new album and one old favourite:

"Beauty Has A Name" - from "To Be Loved" (2009)

"Why?" - from "Stack Of Dreams" (2001)

I mentioned the Big O in the opening paragraph. Here he is showing that even with some dodgy pick-up band he could blow you away.

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