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Friday 9 October 2009

McCully Workshop

Some South African psychedelia for you today, with a couple of tracks from McCully Workshop's 1971 album "Genesis". The album has been re-released in South Africa by Fresh Records and is available to download at Rhythm Music Store, as is their first album "McCully Workshop Inc" which is also well worth a listen.

"Genesis" is supposedly a concept album although apart from quoting extracts from the Book of Genesis after each song title on the sleeve notes it is not at all obvious what the concept is. Here are the hit single "Sweet Fields Of Green" - number two in the South African charts - and my personal favourite "Red Light City" which has a nice soul/jazz touch to it that really reminds me of the British band If (who I must get round to posting one day).

No video clips for you today as I have to head off to work now and don't have time to track something down. But I'll try to compensate with something suitable bizarre at the weekend.

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