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Saturday 10 October 2009

Rusty Wier R.I.P.

Austin legend Rusty Wier died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Rather than have me inadequately attempt to sum up his career, you can read a proper tribute here.

Here are a couple of old favourites from 1976's "Black Hat Saloon":

"High Road, Low Road" - Rusty Wier

"Coast Of Colorado" - Rusty Wier

And here is the great man in action:


  1. may his last ride take him to the very sunset.
    So long good ol' Rusty..
    May the good Lord take care of

  2. Goodbye Rusty. You've been with me since that night in '76 when I went to see the Charle Daniels Band and you were the first act on stage. The album Black Hat Saloon has always been in my collection and the tape has always been in my car, ever since. Rest In Peace, but play some of that grand guitar and sing with that sweet voice to show the angels how it's suppose to be done, as long as you're there.


  3. Only ashes remain