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Sunday 11 October 2009

Tsonga Disco: Loaf Boy

Today's featured Tsonga Disco CD is "Maganda" by Loaf Boy (1996).

When I bought this CD in Cape Town ten days ago I didn't have any great expectations. I really only got it because it was produced by one of the stalwarts of the Tsonga Disco scene, Penny Penny - of whom you will be hearing more - and because of the cover:

Having listened to it a couple of times now I am pleased to be able to report that it is actually a bit of a cracker. The overall standard is consistently good but for me the three stand-out tracks are "Soft Drink", which is essentially an extended advert for Coca Cola, and these two:

"Magayisa" - Loaf Boy

"Finder Finder" - Loaf Boy

From loaves to buns. Some people say this next video is pure smut but, to quote Tom Lehrer, "as the judge remarked the day he acquitted my Aunt Hortense, to be smut it must be utterly without redeeming social importance" - something that surely can't be said of Sir Mix-A-Lot:

And especially for Mr F, here is a rather sweet ukelele version of the same song which I think brings out more clearly the underlying message that you should stand up against body fascism:

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