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Tuesday 20 October 2009

Swedish Special

I have been swamped by Swedes today. Having barely registered on the consciousness of that fair land previously, I have had over twenty visits from Sweden in a matter of a few hours.

I don't know why but I suspect word has got out that I made some rather disobliging remarks about Thomas Denver Jonsson recently and they are rushing to defend one of their own. Let me just say for the record that, regardless of what I may have said about his singing, Mr Jonsson is a model of moral rectitude and a credit to his country.

In an attempt to demonstrate that it isn't an anti-Swedish thing, here is some cultural heritage for you:

"Chris Craft No. 9" - The Shanes

"To Be Free" - The Tages

"Pa Tredje Dagen Uppstandna" - Turid

And in a further pathetic attempt to ingratiate myself with you, may I say that the sons (and daughters) of the spelmän have been responsible for some of my favourite pop moments of the last few years: "Punkrocker" by Teddybears, "We're From Barcelona" by I'm From Barcelona and, most of all, this one:


  1. Great post man! The Shanes is one of my auties favourite dansbands... :D
    And to be honest; I think the folkpark era in Sweden produced some of the best swedish versions of english songs up to date. The craftmanship from that time isn't really alive today... or so I think.

  2. How did Maia get that Sarf London accent? .... and when is he playing at The Sheepwalk?