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Sunday 18 October 2009

Minty Fresh

I have received an e-mail from a nice man called Mark Sturdy alerting me to the fact that Spearmint's 1999 album "A Week Away" is being re-released tomorrow in a special deluxe edition with 12 bonus tracks and a 24-page booklet. It will be available via iTunes and the band's online shop.

Mr Sturdy seems to have mistaken me for someone who is up with things - or was at least up with things ten years ago - but I have to confess I have never heard of Spearmint before. Fortunately he sent me an mp3 of one of the bonus tracks to enlighten me. He encouraged me to share it with you which I am going to do because it is really rather good, a sort of mix of the poppier aspects of 1980s indie and 1970s soul - imagine Van McCoy as house producer at Postcard Records. It is called "A Trip Into Space" and apparently made it all the way to number 82 in the UK charts back in 1998.

"A Trip Into Space" - Spearmint

As a bonus for you, and a sort of "thank you" to Mr Sturdy, here is Dr. John:

"Jump Sturdy" - Dr. John

And returning to the minty theme, here are the Strawberry Alarm Clock in 2007, 40 years on:

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